Stock Use Guidelines

Saddle and pack animals (horses, mules, burros and llamas) are welcome on the Pacific Crest Trail and on the Laughingwater Creek Trail from Highway 123 to the Pacific Crest Trail near Carlton Pass. Trails are often snow covered until mid-summer. Rough terrain, difficult river crossings, and drastic elevation changes have challenged many people with stock.

Check trail conditions and road status before you arrive.

Three Lakes Camp
Three Lakes Camp is open to stock use. Please keep stock animals at least 100 yards from other campsites. Tie stock only at hitching rails. To camp at Three Lakes, you will need a wilderness permit, available at wilderness information centers and most ranger stations.

Party Size
You may bring a maximum combination of 12 people and stock animals on the Pacific Crest Trail and a maximum of 5 head of stock on the Laughingwater Creek Trail.

In order to protect fragile native vegetation, stock animals must not graze in the park. Carry an adequate supply of pellet feed. To prevent the spread of alien plants and weeds, feed animals pellet feed for at least two days prior to entry into the park. Never dump or leave animal droppings in parking areas or along roadways.

Stock trailer parking is available across the road from the trailhead at Laughingwater Creek. Two parking lots suitable for stock trailers are also available at Chinook Pass for access to the Pacific Crest Trail. These parking lots are just outside the National Park boundary.

Please review additional wilderness guidelines and regulations. Thank you for being a responsible backcountry user and helping protect Mount Rainier National Park.

Last updated: February 1, 2021

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