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Explore these websites to learn more about nature and history in the national parks and the work the National Park Service does with its partners, friends, and neighbors to protect parks and foster stewardship in communities across the United States. To see all topics, visit our A to Z page.

Plants, Animals & More

National parks contain a rich assortment of life. Learn about the plants and animals found—or once found—in our national parks.

Great American Landscapes

Our national park landscapes tell the stories of remarkable forces of nature and the influences that shaped, and continue to shape, what we see today.

America's Places

Humans left their mark in sites and structures now preserved for all time.

Arts & Culture

Traditions, values, knowledge, and expressions are passed on through words, pictures, and creations.

Economy, Discovery & Innovation

Americans have worked long and hard to sustain themselves over the centuries and made discoveries that shape our understanding of the world.

American People & Government

People, social movements, institutions, and communities have shaped American life throughout our history.

Conflict & War

Our nation's story includes watershed moments centered around conflict and war, the institutions and infrastructure of military life, and the ways in which we remember and experience war.

Last updated: January 12, 2021