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National Park Service Hispanic History

Black and white historic photo of George Wright holding a camera in the woods

Yosemite National Park

George Melendez Wright was an early leader in the management of natural resources in national parks.

Black and white historic photo of a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp

Big Bend National Park

Civilian Conservation Corps workers in the park, many Hispanic, allowed all Americans to experience its natural wonders.

Painting of a visitor center with a US and Mexico flag outside

Chamizal National Memorial

Situated on the Rio Grande, this park was created and continues to be maintained through a collaboration of Mexico and the US.

Fossil Bed Finds

River running through a hilly area

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

Hidden in the hills of Idaho are the fossils of more than 200 prehistoric species, including the Hagerman horse.

Mural of three mesohippus, or prehistoric horse-like mammals, in a field

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

The colorful rock formations preserve a record that gives a glimpse at more than 40 million years of prehistoric life.

Skeleton display of a prehistoric mammal drinking water

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Paleontologists unearthed the Age of Mammals in these fossil beds, finding fossils of species previously only known through fragments.

National Park Getaways

Statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. at night

This Month's National Park Getaway

Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial honors the legacy of the prominent civil rights leader.

Statue of a raven

Edgar Allan Poe NHS

Just his name evokes a sense of foreboding or horror. Edgar Allan Poe NHS in Philadelphia explores the legacy of the prolific author.

Sunset over a rock bluff in the desert

El Malpais National Monument

More than 60,000 years of volcanic activity have shaped the beautiful, rugged landscape of El Malpais National Monument.

Several long buildings in a high desert near a bluff

Tule Lake National Monument

Tule Lake National Monument tells the stories of 30,000 Japanese Americans who were forced to relocate to the camp far from their homes.

Last updated: October 1, 2022