A glacier-covered mountain glows pink and red during sunrise.
The first rays of morning sun on Mount Rainier, as seen from Sunrise.

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At an elevation of 6,400 feet, Sunrise is the highest point that can be reached by vehicle at Mount Rainier National Park. In summer, mountain meadows abound with wildflowers. On clear summer days, Sunrise provides breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and Emmons Glacier. Sunrise Point offers nearly 360-degree views of the surrounding valleys, Mount Rainier, and other volcanoes in the Cascade Range such as Mount Adams. These views and an excellent trail system make Sunrise the second most visited location in the park. Sunrise is located 60 miles northeast of the Nisqually Entrance and 14 miles northwest of the Sunrise/White River turnoff on State Route 410. The article, White River and Sunrise: The Captivating Northeast Corner of Mount Rainier National Park, provides an overview of the history of the area.

The Sunrise Road usually opens in late June or early July and closes in late September to early October. Check the road status before setting out.

You might also consider visiting other areas of the park like the Carbon River-Mowich Lake area, Ohanapecosh, Longmire, and Paradise.

A road curves through a subalpine meadow to  a cluster of buildings perched on the slopes of a mountain.
The Sunrise area perches on the east side of Mount Rainier in a subalpine meadow.

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See Operating Hours and Seasons for current information about these facilities.

The Sunrise Visitor Center is open from early July to early September and closed in winter. Here visitors will find exhibits, guided interpretive programs, book sales, and a picnic area.

The Sunrise Day Lodge is open from early July to late September, offers food service and a gift shop. There is no overnight lodging at the Sunrise Day Lodge.


The White River Campground and picnic area is located 12 miles from the Sunrise Visitor Center. Sleeping in vehicles outside of campgrounds is not permitted. NOTE: From July 4 - September 2, 2024, timed entry reservations are required to enter the Sunrise Corridor between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm, which includes White River Campground. Once you get a White River Campground first-come, first-served (FCFS) permit, it can be used instead of a timed entry reservation to enter the Sunrise Corridor anytime during the remainder of your stay. FCFS permits can be acquired before 7 am or you may need a Sunrise Corridor Timed Entry Permit if you want to try to acquire a FCFS between 7 am and 3 pm. There is no guarantee that a FCFS permit will be available even if you get a timed entry permit. White River Campground permits provide access to the Sunrise Corridor only; they do not provide access to the Paradise Corridor.

An outcrop of grey column-shaped rocks.
Columnar andesite formed from an ancient Mount Rainier lava flow, found along the road to Sunrise.

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Roadside Attractions

Tipsoo Lake - Located at Chinook Pass, this subalpine lake is set in a glacier-carved basin amid spectacular wildflower meadows.

White River Patrol Cabin - Located in White River Campground Loop C, this historic patrol cabin was built in the late 1920s and is part of a series of patrol cabins linked by trails that helped the early rangers protect the park.

Columnar Lava - On the drive from White River Campground to Sunrise Point, watch the left-hand road banks for andesite columns that formed from an ancient Mount Rainier lava flow.

Sunrise Point - Sweeping views of the Cascade Range to the east, Sunrise Lake to the north, and Mount Rainier to the southwest.

Sunrise - The fortress and blockade style structures of the Sunrise Visitor Center as well as the rustic Sunrise Day Lodge are part of the National Historic Landmark District. They are set amid colorful subalpine meadows with Emmons Glacier and Mount Rainier as a stunning backdrop.

Yakima Park - The meadows surrounding Sunrise are known collectively as Yakima Park. During the summers, this area was a favorite of the Yakama people for hunting and gathering. For thousands of years, these and other subalpine meadows have been important to indigenous people for their beauty and for the valuable plant and animal resources they provide.

Learn more about the geology of the area by listening to the Sunrise Geology Audio Tour while driving along the Sunrise Road! This audio tour also takes you on a short walk to explore the glaciers and moraines visible from the Emmons Glacier Overlooks.

Hikers walk along a trail climbing through lush wildflower meadows.
View lush wildflower meadows around Tipsoo Lake along the Naches Peak Trail.

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Along State Route 410:

Tipsoo Lake (0.5 mi/0.8 km)
Easy walk around this picturesque subalpine lake surrounded by gorgeous wildflower meadows. Please stay on trails to protect the delicate meadows. Dogs are not allowed on trails.

Crystal Lakes Trail (6.3 mi/10.1 km)
Located 4.5 miles (7.2 km) north of Cayuse Pass. Spectacular meadows highlight this trail in midsummer. Watch for elk and mountain goats. Upper Crystal Lake lies in a basin 0.7 miles (1.1 km) beyond the lower lake.

Naches Peak Loop Trail (3.4 mi/5.5 km)
Starting from Tipsoo Lake, travel clockwise along trail, cross SR 410 on the Pacific Crest Trail bridge going south on the Pacific Crest Trail to keep the mountain in view. This trail features superb wildflower displays in midsummer, huckleberries in early fall, and brilliant autumn colors.

At White River:

Summerland Trail (8.5 mi/13.7 km)
Located 3 miles (4.8 km) west of the White River Entrance, this popular trail features dense forest, subalpine meadows, panoramic views of Mount Rainier and Little Tahoma, mountain goats, and elk herds.

Glacier Basin Trail (6.5 mi/10.5 km)
Beginning from Loop D of the White River Campground, hike through forest and past mining camp remains. Take the 0.5 mile (0.8 km) side-trip to view the terminus of the Emmons Glacier.

At Sunrise Point:

Palisades Lake Trail (7 mi/11.3 km)
A series of beautiful subalpine lakes are found along this trail. There are no views of Mount Rainier.

At Sunrise:

Sunrise Nature Trail (1.5 mi/2.4 km)
From the upper end of the Sunrise picnic area, follow this self-guided loop tour through subalpine meadows for breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and the Cascades.

Emmons Vista Overlooks (1 mi/1.6 km)
Located on the south side of Sunrise parking area. For spectacular views of Emmons Glacier follow the Sunrise Rim Trail to the two overlooks.

Frozen Lake Loop Trail (3 mi/4.8 km)
Follow the Sunrise Nature Trail to the ridgetop, then head west on the Sourdough Ridge Trail. Return to Sunrise via the Wonderland Trail and Old Campground Trail.

Silver Forest Trail (2 mi/3.2 km)
From the south side of Sunrise parking area, follow the Sunrise Rim Trail to the Silver Forest Trail through an old burned area. The "silvery" color of the charred trees bleached white by the weather give the area its name.

Shadow Lake Loop (3 mi/4.8km)
From south side of Sunrise parking area, hike the Sunrise Rim Trail to Shadow Lake and see colorful meadows along the way. Return via Old Campground Trail.

Mount Fremont Lookout Trail (5.6 mi/9.0 km)
Follow Sourdough Ridge Trail to the Mount Fremont Trail. This trail leads to a historic fire lookout with excellent views of Mount Rainier and its glaciers.

Burroughs Mountain Trail (First Burroughs: 4.7 mi/7.5 km, Second Burroughs: 7 mi/11.2 km)
Access via the Sourdough Ridge Trail. Hike this trail for outstanding mountain views and to visit the most accessible tundra in the Cascade Range. Plants here have a very short growing season. Please stay on the trail. Return via the Sunrise Rim Trail for a change of scenery.

Enjoy further day hikes in the Sunrise area, or learn about more Trails of Mount Rainier.

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There are many ways to experience Mount Rainier National Park. Explore the wide variety of terrain in the Sunrise area through this video. Hike through subalpine meadows up to alpine tundra. Play next to glacier-fed rivers, watch wildlife, and camp in the wilderness.



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