SRO Update for April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 Posted by: Riley Tingue, Road Crew Supervisor
Current Plow Crew Work Locations: The crew made it to mile 61.5 yesterday (Stony Cut). There was 15 feet of snow in the cut which is not the lowest, nor the highest amount recorded. Crews should be making it to the top of Stony overlook today if the drifts are manageable.

Steam Crew Locations: None

Snow Depths: 2' is the average on the road and 15' in Stony Cut

Aufeis Depths: 0

Road Open to Public Traffic: Teklanika Rest Stop, Mile 30

Equipment Status: All is well. Thanks Auto Shop

Road Crew Staff On-Duty Today: Paul Franke, Martin Weiner, Bob James

Current Weather Forecast

Current Weather at HQ: 30 above and sunny

Wildlife Sightings: Sheep on Polychrome and ground squirrels on Highway Pass

Notes/Observations/Comments: The road beyond Tek is icy and muddy. Cyclists or hikers heading beyond Tek should prepare for messy conditions. 

Last updated: April 11, 2016

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