Educational Resources

Below are links to educational resources for teachers, parents, and students who are eager to learn more about Denali. Links are organized by subject matter and include student readings, websites, videos, activities, and more.

General Information

Readings: Ranger Programs and Field Trips:
  • Bring your class or school group on a field trip to Denali.
  • Invite a ranger to virtually visit your classroom through our Distance Learning program.
Browse the Denali video library and multimedia search page. Dive into science and research at Denali.
Kits and Curricula:
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Animals and Plants

Readings and Activities: Webpages and Videos:
  • Learn more about wildlife in Denali.
  • Learn more about plants in Denali.
  • Listen to sounds of Denali from acoustic data collected in the park by remote listening stations.
  • Download DenaliFlora, a free plant identification app available on iOS and Android.
  • On our multimedia search page, search for “wildlife” or “plants,” and filter your results by park (e.g., Denali) and media (e.g., video and/or photos).


Download the Denali Dinosaurs student reading.
Learn more about fossils in Denali.

People and Culture

Download the Denali: People and the Land student reading.
Webpage and Videos:

Geology and Mountaineering

Download the Denali: The High One student reading.
Webpages and Videos:

Sled Dogs

Download the Sled Dogs of Denali student reading.Watch a distance learning video explaining The Science of Sled Dogs to learn how sled dogs are specially adapted to help park rangers perform winter work in a freezing subarctic environment.
Webpages and Videos:
  • Visit the Kennels page to learn more about our canine rangers.
  • On our multimedia search page, search for “sled dogs,” and filter your results by park (e.g., Denali) and media (e.g., videos and/or photos).


Download the Denali Wilderness Character Narrative student reading.Webpages and Videos:

Careers and Opportunities

Discover the many opportunities for you to work or volunteer in Denali.
Become a Teacher-Ranger-Teacher for a summer.

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