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A phone screenshot of an Avenza topography map. The title says "NPS Mount Le Conte 2017" in white text on a blue background. Other text includes "Mt. LeConte", "Cliff Top", and elevation labels from 6,400-6,555 feet. A restroom icon is also labeled.
Screenshot of an Avenza Map viewed on a mobile device.

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Many areas of the park do not have cellular service, but that doesn't mean you can't use your mobile electronic device to map your adventure! The park has made available for free the full set of incredibly detailed 2017 topographic maps for use with the free Avenza Maps mobile application. These maps include trails, backcountry camp sites, grid tic marks, and contour lines. In addition, the application allows users to record and share waypoints, tracklogs, and geo-enabled photographs. Here's how to get the topographic maps on your mobile device:

  • Install the free Avenza Maps application on your mobile device.
  • There is no need to purchase a registration for the application with the free park topographic maps.
  • In the Avenza app, navigate to the Store icon.
  • Search for “Great Smoky Mountains National Park 2017 topographic map bundle”.
  • Search by “Keywords”.
  • Click “Search for any matches”.
  • Choose Great Smoky Mountains National Park 2017 Topographic Map Bundle for download.
  • It may say “add to cart” or “download”.
  • Wait several minutes, then go to “Maps” in the Avenza PDF Map application on your device.
  • You should see each individual map downloading. The download is very large (approximately 500 mb) and some downloads likely will fail. Just hit "Resume".
  • You should see a folder, “NPS 2017”. Click “Edit” in the upper right.
  • Select the info icon to the right of the NPS 2017 folder.
  • Set “Collection” to “on”. This will allow all 29 topo maps to merge seamlessly on your device.

Downloading the application and the maps may incur data charges on your device for which the National Park Service is not responsible. In addition, the National Park Service can provide no support for the use of the application or the maps. These NPS-produced maps can also be used independently with no requirement to install applications. The geo-referenced park topographic maps are available on the NPS Data Store.

Last updated: September 14, 2023

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