Accessing Online Data

Great Smoky Mountains National (GRSM) Park makes all of its data available to the public on ArcGIS Online (AGOL). Park authoritative data is listed under the user “GRSM”. Users do not need an AGOL account to access public GIS data from this platform

Due to an existing Bug with AGOL, the ability to “Export” GRSM Hosted Feature Services from AGOL to another format is disabled. Public users should consider the following workarounds:
  1. ArcGIS Pro: Add the AGOL hosted feature service (HFS) to a Map in ArcGIS Pro. Right-click on the layer in the Table of Contents (TOC), select “Data” then “Export Features”. Configure the Feature Class to Feature Class Geoprocessing (GP) Tool to direct the output to the desired format or location.
  2. ArcMap: Add the AGOL HFS to a Map in Arc Map. Right-click on the layer in the TOC, select “Data” then “Export Features”. Configure the tool to direct the output to the desired format or location.
  3. AutoCAD: Install the free ArcGIS for AutoCAD plugin. Add a HFS to a drawing and export it to a format of your choice.
Data can however be exported from the Open Data Site. Search for the desired layer from the Open Data home page, click on the results link, and select "Downloads". Spreadsheet, KML, and Shapefile are supported formats. Users of QGIS can use the GEOJSON API link for real-time access to the data. In addition, the Open Data Site has many additional visualization and analysis tools that make it the best method for accessing GRSM GIS Data.

Restricted Data: Occasionally, the park will make available to contractors, cooperators, partners, and researchers restricted data, provided that a written agreement has been executed between the entity and the park regarding use of and control of that data. Please note that this data sharing does not pertain to federally protected data, which must be disseminated through a secure system. Work with your park project representative regarding access to federally protected data. When restricted data is shared with a partner, it will be made available in an access-restricted AGOL Group titled GRSM Contractors. The following steps and conditions must be followed in order to access this content:
  1. Park staff verify written agreement in place;
  2. Park staff request AGOL user names of individuals needing access;
    • Requestors can create free AGOL accounts. GRSM is unable to create user accounts for non-employees. The preferred account type is an Organizational account though.
    • If the requestor is a member of an organization, the requestor must be a member of a Custom Role that includes the “Join external groups” privilege.
  3. Park staff will “Invite” the user name to the restricted group;
  4. The external user logs into AGOL, access the “Notification” and accepts the invitation to the group, and click “Join this group” link in the invitation notification and is able to access content in the restricted group.
Park staff are unable to provide technical support for the use of online systems or sofare mentioned in this content. Users should contact their local IT staff for technical support.

Last updated: December 11, 2019

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