Invertebrates - Animals Without Backbones

In any location, anywhere in the world, invertebrates make up the largest number of animals in both overall numbers and diversity. With the many types of habitats found in Redwood National and State Parks, it is not surprising that the diversity of invertebrates is very high.

No matter where you go in the parks, examples of that diversity are easy to find in all of the parks' habitats. From banana slugs and millipedes of the redwood forest, to the freshwater mussels found in park creeks, to the astounding diversity and abundance of tidepool invertebrates, “spineless” animals can be found right at your feet or fluttering just out of arms reach.



These animals are incredibly diverse and are likely the most common kind of invertebrate you will see here. Learn about butterflies of the Bald and Little Bald Hills, carpenter ants, or discover something about our ladybugs.

Last updated: August 3, 2020

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