Nature & Science

Three male elk sit in a shaded field.
Nature and Wildlife

Find out what animals call the waters and forests of Redwood National and State Parks home.

Educational videos from the fire-line
See Fire Activities In The Redwood Parks

A series of videos that show how prescribed fire is used here.

A red petaled flower with dark dots.
Timing Is Everything.

Different plants bloom at different times. See what might be here on your visit.

Smoke rises from a log mill on a beach in front of forested hills
Then And Now

A photo project showing historical redwood sites up to one-hundred years apart.

Fish eye lends view into the canopy of the redwood forest.
Redwoods and Climate Change

Understand how the park is responding to climate change. Learn how redwood trees are reacting.

 Healthy riparian habitats are important for forests, people and fish.
Restoring Rivers and Streams

Restoration of watersheds in the Parks is very important for whole ecosystems.

Unique partnerships, science and resource management are needed for the parks' future.
Restoration Projects in the Redwoods

Rivers, beaches, wildlife, and even once-logged forests are being restored.

A black colored condor sits in a redwood tree
California Condors

The return of these magnificent birds are a cultural and science success story.

Last updated: December 13, 2023

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