Glacier National Park's diversity of habitat types creates opportunities for a wide range of animals. Find more information on everything from the large and majestic elk of the prairies, to the small stonefly of glacier-fed streams.
boreal toad in the grass

Glacier hosts 6 species of amphibians.

Golden eagle flying near the sun.

There are 276 species of birds are found in the park.

Trout and its reflection under water.

Glacier's waters host a complicated mix of native and invasive species.

butterfly hangs upside down from plant stem

It is nearly impossible to know how many species of insect live in Glacier, when a single rotting log alone could host thousands.

Bighorn sheep kicks up snow as it heads downhill

71 species of mammals call Glacier home.

painted turtle sticks head up (photo credit Gary Eslinger/USFWS)

There are only three species of reptiles in the park, with a fourth suspected to be present.

Last updated: August 21, 2023

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