Current Conditions


A dramatic and colorful stormy landscape image of mountains and clouds.
Current conditions in Glacier can change fast. One area of the park might be sunny and warm while another area might be stormy and cold.
Hiking to Oldman Lake
Hiking to Oldman Lake


Trail Status Reports

The link above contains trails with known hazards, however, not all conditions can be immediately monitored. Be aware that mountain weather is unpredictable. Always be prepared for a variety of conditions.

Hiker-Biker Closure Sign on Going-to-the-Sun Road with snow in background
Hiker/Biker Road Crew Closure sign on Going-to-the-Sun Road

NPS Photo

Road, Snow Plow & Hiker/Biker Status

During early summer, several roads in the park still have seasonal closures. Parts of Going-to-the-Sun Road are open to hiker/biker before the road opens for the season.

Road resurfacing work is an ongoing need in the park.
Expect numerous road and infrastructure projects to cause traffic delays this summer.


Park Road Construction & Infrastructure Work

In the summer of 2024 there will be several road construction projects that may impact travel times within the Glacier National Park area.

Aerial view of Hay Creek Fire taken on 7-23-2021
Wildfire season varies from year to year, but wildfires are common each summer in Glacier.

USFS Photo

Fire Information Updates

Find information on fires currently burning in or near the park.

two bears emerge from the bushes as a car with bright headlights approaches them.
Be aware that bears and other wildlife may be along the park roads this time of year.


Wildlife Closures and Warnings

Animals in the park are active year-round, but especially so in the fall. Be alert for wildlife along roads and always abide by the speed limit. Deer frequent the sides of the roadways and may dash out in front of cars. Always be sure to stay at least 25 yards (23 m) from all wildlife and at least 100 yards (91 m) from bears and wolves.

A summer day at Kintla Lake
A summer day at Kintla Lake


National Weather Service

Weather is always unpredictable in Glacier. Come prepared for changing conditions and potentially cold and blustery days. Expect colder temperatures and more extreme conditions at higher elevations, such as at Logan Pass. Visit our Weather page for more information.

A crowd of people walk down a trail in the mountains.
Tips for Dealing with Crowds

May through September is the busiest time of the year in Glacier National Park. Within that, July and August are the busiest of all.

People walk on a steep dirt slope.
Leave No Trace

Many visitors fall in love with Glacier and then want to know how to reduce their footprint.

a sign about staying on the trail

Water is the number one cause of fatalities in Glacier National Park. Please use extreme caution near water.

People walk on a beach with a wildfire behind them.
Will Climate Change Impact Me?

The park is warming and the impacts are already being felt by park visitors.

Two park rangers talk outdoors with a microphone between them.
Listen to Glacier's Podcast

Listening to our podcast is a great way to prepare for a visit to the park. Search for Headwaters wherever you get your podcasts.

Last updated: June 20, 2024

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