Fees & Passes

Overview of entrance requirements

No entrance pass required

An entrance pass is not required to access Rock Creek Park.

Other National Park Service sites may require an entrance pass or fee. Depending on your trip plans, an interagency pass may save you money.


Other Fee Information

Concessioners Offer Services for Fees

Concessioners work with the National Park Service to provide services to park visitors that parks do not provide directly. At Rock Creek Park, concessioners manage a golf course, horse center, tennis center, and two boathouses. Visitors pay fees to use these services.

For more information, visit the Outdoor Activities page


For information about permits and fees, please visit the Permits page. This includes information and permits for:

  • picnic groves
  • athletic fields that require reservations
  • weddings
  • research
  • other special park uses

If you require additional information, please contact the Rock Creek Park Permits Specialist at 202-895-6013 or via e-mail.

Commercial Use Authorizations

As per 36 CFR 5.3--It is illegal to conduct business in a park area without a permit, contract, or other written agreement.

A commercial use authorization (CUA) allows an individual, group, company, or other for-profit entity to conduct commercial activities and provide specific visitor services within a national park unit. Federal law mandates that the National Park Service (NPS) issue CUAs only for commercial activities and visitor services that:

  • are determined to be an appropriate use of the park
  • will have minimal impact on park resources and visitors and
  • are consistent with the park purpose, management plans, policies, and regulations.

In addition, Public Law 105-319 Section 418 passed in 1998 provides the NPS the authority to issue CUAs to allow business operations and requires the NPS to collect a reasonable fee for CUA administration and management.

For information about CUAs, please email or call (202-895-6000) Rock Creek Park.

Last updated: September 23, 2023

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