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Our corner of the Milky Way galaxy is full of amazing things!

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See the night sky during the day

The Nature Center's planetarium provides visitors with the opportunity to view the motion of the stars, constellations, moon, and planets in tonight's sky. As the only planetarium in the National Park Service, it enables visitors to compare a night sky with urban light pollution to the ideal viewing conditions of the country.

Need to make a reservation?

Programs are free but must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance. Call us at 202-895-6070 Wednesday through Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Planetarium seating is limited to 70 visitors per showing.


Curriculum-based programs

The Sky Above Us - Pre-K-3rd grade - (30 minutes) See the night sky from the city while never leaving your seat. Come on this journey to study the stars and the movement of the Earth and Moon. We will also identify constellations and hear their stories.

Native American Night Sky - 1st-3rd grade - (45 minutes) An exploration of the night sky with an emphasis on indigenous legends from various parts of the country.

Our Universe - 4th-6th grade - (45 minutes) The conceptual science of astronomy is made tangible through the combination of active demonstrations and a planetarium program focusing on our universe.

Under African Skies - 4th-8th grade - (45 minutes) Learn some of the night sky stories from African cultures. Also, explore how and why freedom seekers used the night sky to find their way to freedom.

Revolutionary Skies - 4th-8th grade - (45 minutes) Explore the night sky through key events prior to and during the American Revolution. We will compare the Night sky to famous artwork and see if the artists got it right!

Planetarium films

Oasis in Space - 3rd-5th grade - (30 minutes) An exploration of the planets in our solar system.

Dawn of the Space Age - 5th-12th grade - (30 minutes) Highlights of space exploration, from Sputnik to the International Space Station and beyond!

Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity - 5th-12th grade - (30 minutes) Discover the mysterious world of black holes and other space phenomena.

Faster Than Light: The Dream of Interstellar Flight - 4th-12th grade - (30 minutes) Astronomers are racing to find habitable worlds. How will we ever get there?

Travel tips

  • Parking for buses, vans and cars is available at the Nature Center
  • Bring your lunch. There are limited uncovered picnic areas nearby. There are no food facilities in the park.
  • Incorporate pre- and post-trip lessons into your visit.

Getting to the planetarium

The Nature Center is at 5200 Military Road, NW, Washington, D.C. 20015.

Stormy Weather. Are we open?

During inclement weather, particularly snowstorms and hurricanes, federal offices in the district area may be closed. To check if we are open go to, click on the "operating status" along the top bar. Also check local television and radio broadcasts for announcements.

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Need to change or cancel your reservation?

Call us at 202-895-6070 Wednesday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Last updated: June 11, 2021

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