Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is truly a gem in our nation's capital. It offers visitors opportunity to reflect and soothe their spirits through the beauty of nature. Fresh air, majestic trees, wild animals, and thousands of years of human history emanate the delicate aura of the forest. We invite you to Find Yourself in Rock Creek Park and help celebrate the National Park Service's 100th birthday.

A wide bridle trail goes through the woods

Hiking in Rock Creek Park

An extensive network of trails and paths cover Rock Creek Park. Enjoy one today.

Planetarium projector and operator with space image in background.

The Sky Above Us

The Rock Creek Park Planetarium uses high-tech Spitz software to project the image of the night sky onto a large, dome-shaped ceiling.

Bicyclists on Beach Drive

Beach Drive Rehabilitation

Beach Drive is being rehabilitated. Plan ahead.

Contact the Park

Mailing Address:

3545 Williamsburg Lane, NW
Washington, DC 20008


(202) 895-6000
Rock Creek Park administrative offices can be reached at 202-895-6000. For General information call 202-895-6070 Wednesday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and dial 0.

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