Lincoln's Neighbors and Community

Painting of aerial view of blocks around the Lincoln Home

Abraham Lincoln was not only a politician, lawyer, husband, and father, but also a neighbor and friend to many who knew him. There are many stories and individuals to explore outside the Lincoln Home. Learn more about Lincoln’s neighbors and the community he lived in that shaped him into the person we know him as today.


Living Here in Lincoln's Time


Who Lived Here?

  • Photo of Civil War union soldier reenactors, wearing dark blue union coats and hats
    Neighbors & the Civil War

    Lincolns' friends and neighbors bore arms to support their president and the Union during the Civil War

  • Empty grass lot surrounded by white fence, with recreated wagon on street in front of lot
    Jameson Jenkins

    Learn about the underground railroad conductor who lived on Lincoln's street

  • Older man wearing dark coat and bowler hat, round spectacles; has thin, white mustache
    Julius Rosenwald

    Rosenwald, one of the greatest philanthropists in American history, grew up next to the Lincoln Home


Explore the Park

Although Abraham Lincoln no longer lives here, explore the stories of him, his family, and his neighbors through the site buildings and outdoor wayside exhibits.

What is still here today?

Last updated: May 14, 2021

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