The Lincoln Home

The Lincoln Home was the first and only home Abraham Lincoln owned and still stands today, with much of the original structure, walls, and foundations remaining. The Lincoln Home in itself in an artifact, as well as a place of stories and memories that tell the stories of Abraham Lincoln and his family. It's growth and expansion mirrors the growth of the Lincoln family from a young couple with a baby to a presidential family bound for the White House, as well as Lincoln's growth from a young lawyer of humble origin to the highest position in the United States.


How has the Home Changed?


A Peek Inside the Lincoln Home


Pictures from the Past

  • Black and white photo of the Lincoln Home, a 2-story wood house with dark shutters, 2 chimneys
    The Whipple Photographs

    These 1860 photographs are some of the most well-known historical photographs of the Lincoln Home

  • Sepia engraving of the Lincoln Home sitting room with a fireplace flanked by long-curtained windows
    Leslie Drawings

    The drawings published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated newspaper has helped us recreate the historical interior of the Lincoln Home

  • photo of Lincoln Home with large crowd of people standing on street and around house, parade
    The 1860 Rally

    Learn about the events leading up to the 1860 Election through this famous photograph

Last updated: September 2, 2021

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