Decorating the Lincoln Home

The following information was compiled by the Architect, Curator, and Historian who oversaw the 1987 restoration of the Lincoln Home. Decorations within the Lincoln Home reflect as closely as possible, what the Home was believed to have looked like when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860.


Lincoln Home Floor Coverings

deep red carpet with pattern of two toned green leaves and clusters of white flowers forming square diamond pattern

Double Parlors

Brussels carpeting,

Sourced from:
Newbury Company, Inc.
PO Box 1005
390 York Street
York Harbor, ME

Capet with stripes of green, red, and blue with stripes having geometric pattern with leaves and flowers

Sitting Room, Master Suite, and Front Hall

Maple Leaf Ingrain,
Wool and Cotton,
Geometric and Floral Design.

Sourced from:
Family Heirloom Weavers
125 O'San Lane
Red Lion, PA

Carpet of stripes of dark and light green with red geometric shapes and flowery crest shape pattern overlaid on stripes

Dining Room, Guest Bedroom, Upper Hallway

Geometric and floral ingrain,
red, green, and yellow.

Sourced from:
Family Heirloom Weavers
125 O'San Lane
Red Lion, PA

Striped carpet of thick blue stripes and groups of thin yellow-white, red-orange, and blue stripe.

Boys' Bedroom, Hired Girl's Room

Rag carpeting,
wool blue with multicolor stripes

Sourced from:
Kathleen Smith
Box 48
West Chesterfield, MA


Lincoln Home Window Coverings

Dark red, sill-to-floor damask curtains with orange pattern

Double Parlors

Woven Damask,
Custom reproduction from original Lincoln Home drapery

Green sill-to-floor curtains with faint design

Sitting Room, Dining Room

Moire Taffeta, wool, and cotton

White, thin curtains on golden rod with rings

Master Suite

"New Richmoind" dimity,

White thin curtains

Boys Bedroom, Kitchen

Sheer batiste,

Dark green, think slatted blinds over window

Guest Bedroom

Venetian Blinds,
Painted Green.


Draperies and curtains produced by:

Vintage Valences
Beverly Hafemeister
Box 43326
Cincinnati, OH

Devenco Products
2688 E. Ponce De Leon Ave
Decatur, GA


Paint Formulas

Tan two story house with light coffee colored trim and dark green shutters

Lincoln Home Siding Color

Sherwin Williams Latex Super Paint
Sands of Time 6101
Colorant oz 32 64 129
B1 Black 26 / R2 Maroon 12 / Y3 Deep Gold 2
Extra White 1 Gallon

Lincoln Home Trim Color

Sherwin Williams Latex Gloss Super Paint
B1-5 / R2-15 / N1-6Y / G1-22 / Y13-1+1
Ultra Deep base

covered porch with light blue wooden floor, wooden coffee colored screen on left, and door on the wall on right. Bench sits on porch, next to window with dark green shutters

Lincoln Home Shutter Color (Shutter Green):

Industrial Enamel Gloss
SW 4072 Plus W1-10
Y3-44 / R2-8 / G1-16 / B1-4

Lincon Home Porch Color

Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel
Base B54 T104
B1-4Y32 / Y3-2Y20 / R2-12 / W1-2Y / P1-16 / G1-10

Last updated: May 11, 2021

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