As a park that preserves four major Civil War battlefields and the "Stonewall" Jackson Death Site, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park is large and spread-out!

Download the overall park map (jpg).

The numbered stops within each battlefield are suggested driving tours. Throughout the park you will find waysides, interpretive signs, and trails.

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Fredericksburg driving tour map

Fredericksburg Battlefield

Fredericksburg Battlefield Map
Google Maps: Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center

Fredericksburg Driving Tour

The Fredericksburg Battlefield driving tour begins at the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center, located along the Sunken Road portion of the battlefield. Stop 2 takes you across the river to Chatham Manor, a Union headquarters and field hospital. Stops 3-6 are along the Confederate defensive line, including the location of the only Union breakthrough during the battle.

Chancellorsville Battlefield Driving Tour

Chancellorsville Battlefield

Chancellorsville Battlefield Map
Google Maps: Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center

Chancellorsville Driving Tour

The Chancellorsville Battlefield driving tour begins at the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center, located near where "Stonewall" Jackson was mortally wounded. The following stops weave through the battlefield, stopping at significant home sites and critical points of the battle, like Jackson's Flank Attack and the Hazel Grove-Fairview corridor. Consider driving to partner-owned Day 1 at Chancellorsville, just to the east, or drive the Jackson Trails in the footsteps of Jackson's soldiers on his famous flank march.

Wilderness Battlefield driving tour map

Wilderness Battlefield

Wilderness Battlefield Map
Google Maps: Wilderness Battlefield Exhibit Shelter

Wilderness Driving Tour

The Wilderness Battlefield driving tour begins at Grant's Headquarters, proceeds to the Wilderness Battlefield Exhibit Shelter in Saunders Field, where the battle opened, and continues down the Confederate line to the key corridor of the battlefield, stops 6-8. Ellwood Manor is open seasonally. The grounds at Ellwood are open and accessible via a gravel driveway from dawn to dusk.

Spotsylvania Battlefield Driving Tour Map

Spotsylvania Battlefield

Spotsylvania Battlefield Map
Google Maps: Spotsylvania Battlefield Exhibit Shelter

Driving Tour Description

The Spotsylvania Battlefield driving tour begins at the Spotsylvania Battlefield Exhibit Shelter beside Laurel Hill where the battle opened. Follow the remaining tour stops to understand how this two week battle unfolded, with its horrific climax at the Bloody Angle, tour stop 3. As our best-preserved battlefield, Spotsylvania Battlefield also features a 7.5-mile trail that weaves throughout the battlefield. To see a set of reconstructed earthworks, deviate from the driving tour by bearing right before you reach stop 4, the Harrison House. The reconstructed works are at the road's dead end. Retrace your steps to continue on the driving tour.

A map with mark for Jackson Death Site in center.

"Stonewall" Jackson Death Site

"Stonewall" Jackson Death Site Map
Google Maps: "Stonewall" Jackson Death Site

The "Stonewall" Jackson Death Site, where the Confederate general spent the last days of his life, is located south of Fredericksburg in the small community of Guinea Station.

A paved trail leading to the woods in spring.

Trails & Brochures

Download trail maps and discover each battlefield on your own time.

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