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  • Sketch of Civil War soldiers marching in downpour.
    The Mud March

    In January 1863, US forces attempted another assault near Fredericksburg. The result was one of the most infamous marches of the Civil War.

  • Black and white photograph of Black Americans crossing a low river with wagons and soldiers nearby.
    The Road to Freedom

    Explore how park history interconnects with Black American's long and winding struggle for freedom in the United States.

  • A historical photo of Chatham Manor during the Civil War with bare landscaping.
    The Chatham Hospital

    Learn about the patients and care workers who passed through Chatham Manor after the Battle of Fredericksburg.


The Battles

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park manages four battlefields. Each of these battles, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania, can teach us about the context of the war at the moments when the fighting happened, but also about how the war evolved over time. In each of these places thousands of soldiers experienced brutal combat. The fate of the nation, and the meanings of citizenship and freedom hung in the balance.
Sketch of soldiers building a pontoon bridge.
Battle of Fredericksburg

In December 1862, the US Army attempted a push to Richmond in what would become a disaster for the Union war effort.

Historical photo of a large house with battle damage.
Battle of Chancellorsville

In the spring of 1863, Confederate forces repelled a Federal advance across the Rappahannock at a great cost.

A pencil sketch of soldiers cheering on a man on horseback.
Battle of the Wilderness

Federal forces marched south again in the spring of 1864, this time with General U.S. Grant in command.

A painting of United States Civil War soldiers charging over a trench.
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

For General U.S. Grant, there would be no turning back. What follows is a period of unprecedented, prolonged fighting.

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