The Battlefields

  • A stone pyramid in the distance across a field just beyond railroad tracks.
    Fredericksburg Battlefield

    Explore places connected with the Fredericksburg Battlefield, where US and Confederate forces clashed in December 1862.

  • Remnants of a stone furnace, cylindrical and slightly narrower at the top, with light snow.
    Chancellorsville Battlefield

    The Chancellorsville Campaign was an ambitious attempt to push Confederate forces south in the spring of 1863.

  • A cannon in a foggy field surrounded by blooming dogwoods trees.
    Wilderness Battlefield

    The clash of US and Confederate forces in the Wilderness in the spring of 1864 marked the beginning of General Grant's Overland Campaign.

  • An open, concave field in fall surrounded by woods in the distance.
    Spotsylvania Battlefield

    The armies were one the move after the Wilderness, and met at Spotsylvania, where they fought a hard battle presaging the fighting to come.


Other Sites & Historic Structures

  • A statue of a man in an open cemetery with fall trees behind.
    Fredericksburg National Cemetery

    Learn about the history of the Fredericksburg National Cemetery and read stories about those at rest here, and how to visit.

  • A garden walkway leading to a Grecian statue
    Chatham Manor

    Learn more about Chatham's history.

  • A two-story farm house situated in a field.
    Ellwood Manor

    Ellwood Manor was a slave plantation, field hospital, US headquarters, and the location where "Stonewall" Jackson's arm is buried.

  • A small, white house with a-frame roof at sunset.
    Jackson Death Site

    Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson died in this house near Guinea Station after the Battle of Chancellorsville.

  • A two-story brick church with red shutters and a-frame roof in the fall.
    Salem Church

    Salem Church was as a refuge for Fredericksburg civilians in December 1862 and played a critical role in the Chancellorsville Campaign.


Confederate dead are buried in two nearby Confederate cemeteries, one within the city of Fredericksburg and a smaller cemetery in Spotsylvania County.


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