Stories of the Manhattan Project

Explore the Manhattan Project through six themes that weave together the diverse stories of the people, places, achievements, and legacies of the Manhattan Project. Start with those displaced when the federal government appropriated private land to build the Manhattan Project’s three main centers of operation in Hanford, Los Alamos, and Oak Ridge. Learn about the communities that seemingly rose overnight to support the project. Go behind the fence to learn about the project’s top-secret facilities and workers. Trace the path of discovery back to when the field of nuclear science began. Then follow the Manhattan Project’s legacies forward to see how they still affect us today.

Explore stories through the broad categories below or by the three park sites
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Walk in the shoes of those who sacrificed their land, homes, and livelihoods for the Manhattan Project.

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Secret Cities & Communities

Step back in time to learn about the joys and challenges of daily life in a secret city.

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Behind the Fence

Peek behind Manhattan Project fences to learn about places with limited or no public access.

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Breaking Scientific Boundaries

Travel the Manhattan Project's path of discovery and innovation.

A black and white photo of a black man standing at a podium in front of a large group of black peopl
Untold Stories

Learn how the Manhattan Project affected people by exploring their countless stories.

A black and white photo of a building in ruins.

Explore the legacies of one of the most consequential events of the 20th century.


Stories by Park Location

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Stories of Hanford

Learn about the stories of Hanford from its revolutionary science to how the project changed local communities.

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Stories of Los Alamos

Follow the thread of Los Alamos through stories of scientists, daily life, and those who called the area home before the Manhattan Project.

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Stories of Oak Ridge

Discover the many stories of Oak Ridge from what went on behind the fence to what life was like in this secret city.


Last updated: March 26, 2023

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