Hanford, WA

Black and white photo of a large, industrial building with a vehicle out front. Black and white photo of a large, industrial building with a vehicle out front.

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The B Reactor Building in 1944 under construction with the exterior nearly completed except for the tall ventilation stack.

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The B Reactor today with its tall ventilation stack.


History & Culture

For the Manhattan Project, the Hanford Engineer Works produced plutonium at a roughly 600 square mile (1554 sq km) site along the Columbia River in Washington state. The Hanford Site was selected because of an abundant supply of cold Columbia River water needed to cool nuclear reactors, ample available hydroelectric power, mild climate, excellent transportation facilities, and distance from major population centers. Workers at the Hanford Site constructed and operated the world’s first nuclear production reactors that produced the plutonium used in the Trinity Test and in the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945.
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About Hanford

Learn about Hanford and the Tri-Cities role in the Manhattan Project.

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Visit Hanford (Tri-Cities)

Visit Hanford (Tri-Cities) and explore all the different ways you can learn about the Manhattan Project.

Black and white photo of an industrial complex along a river.
Producing Plutonium

Learn how the Hanford Site produced plutonium for the Manhattan Project.

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People of Hanford

Meet the people of Hanford from those who pre-date the Manhattan Project to those who became intertwined with its legacies.

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Places of Hanford

Learn about the massive plutonium production complex at Hanford and the role of the local communities (now the Tri-Cities).

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Stories of Hanford

Read about the stories of Hanford from its revolutionary science to how the project changed local communities.


Manhattan Project Related Places in Hanford


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