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You will find many opportunities in the Tri-Cities to explore the history of the Manhattan Project and World War II. The Tri-Cities is designated as an American World War II Heritage City to honor the contributions of the communities and citizens who stepped into the workforce to support America's war effort during World War II.

Begin with a trip to the visitor center. Attend a guided tour (tours are seasonal) to explore the B Reactor and pre-Manhattan Project structures that are still on the Hanford Site. The Tri-Cities also has many historic sites that date back to the Manhattan Project and are still in use today. The region also boasts of several museums that help share the Manhattan Project story. 

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Explore Your Options

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    Visitor Centers

    Start with the Manhattan Project Visitor Center and the Visit Tri-Cities Visitor Center.

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    Guided Tours Only

    Explore buildings on the US Department of Energy’s Hanford Site that existed before and during the Manhattan Project.

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    Visit museums throughout the Tri-Cities that help share the Manhattan Project story.

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    Community Sites

    Discover the many places of Hanford and the Tri-Cities that were part of the Manhattan Project and its communities.

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    Pre-Manhattan Project Sites

    Discover the places that existed long before the development of the Hanford Site.

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    Overlooks & Quick Stops

    Enjoy panoramic views of the Tri-Cities region and catch quick glimpses of the past.

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    View All Places

    See a full list of places in the Tri-Cities region related to the Manhattan Project.

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    Explore Places by Themes

    Explore places through the themes that weave them together such as secret cities and untold stories.

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    View a map of Manhattan Project sites within the Tri-Cities region.



Last updated: November 21, 2023

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