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Let your journey begin! Indiana Dunes National Park StoryMaps offer compelling stories about the park in a visually stimulating and interactive manner. They unify the park’s real geo-spatial data, images, text, and other multi-media in one organized platform. They are stand-alone sources of information, which help compliment the park, while helping past or future visitors understand what the Indiana Dunes National Park encompasses.


An exploration of the Dune Succession Trail

This one-mile trail will take you on a journey through time as well as space. Beginning on a bare sand beach and ending in an oak forest, it traces a process in nature that took thousands of years to evolve.


Mt. Baldy - Mystery of Movement

Not only is Mt. Baldy one of the most recognizable dunes along the southern shoreline of Lake Michigan, it is also one of the fastest moving dunes. This StoryMap explores Mt. Baldy and its mystery of movement. Interested in exploring Mt. Baldy more? Take our Park Explorer challenge and investigate Mt. Baldy hands-on.


A Touch of Historic Farm Living

The Chellberg Farm has a story to tell, a story of a hardworking, Swedish immigrant family who lived and worked here for three generations. Explore the interior of the farmhouse, the barn, garden, sugar shack, outbuildings, and nearby park amenities with the help of Ranger Bill Smith. As you take a virtual tour of the Chellberg Farm, let your imagination guide you. Continue the story by completing an activity that highlights how sap is transformed into maple syrup.

Explore Ongoing Park Restoration Efforts

Get a firsthand glimpse of how park restoration has improved locations such as Miller Woods, Cowles Bog,Tolleston Dunes, West Beach, and Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk. Also, learn about how you can take part in restoration efforts by helping through our Citizen Science Projects.

Art of the Dunes

Take a brief virtual tour of some of our Artist-in-Residence program participants and the actual park locations where their residing art’s inspiration might have blossomed. Also, watch a short video highlighting some Artist-in-Residence paintings on display at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center. Please note: Paintings on display are subject to change without notice. Call ahead at (219) 395-1882.
Indiana Dunes National Park Virtual Tours
Virtual Tours

Sit back take a virtual journey on our trails at the Indiana Dunes National Park with our very informative and friendly park rangers.

Photo Galleries
Photo Galleries

Take a stride through a multitude of photos of the park's visual wonders that could tell a story more than words can convey.

Last updated: August 24, 2022

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