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There is no one-size-fits-all trip to the dunes. Each season offers new and different ways to enjoy Indiana Dunes National Park. Spring splashes the river banks of the Heron Rookery with an abundance of colorful wildflowers in this birder's paradise. Lake Michigan summer sunsets paint the skies with vibrant rays that offer a picture-perfect picnic setting. In the fall, Maple trees burst with warm red and golden hues crafting a spectacular backdrop for a hike by the Chellberg Farm and winter brings a scenic canvas of virgin white snow begging for a cross-country skiing adventure in the Glenwood Dunes.

As the seasons change, so do the recreational opportunities, park facility operating hours and closures and safety concerns. Follow these links to help you shape your visit to the splendor of the dunes.

  • Basic Information – Lists operating hours, fees, passes, permits, reservations, weather, pet restrictions and services.
  • Directions &Transportation – Offers directions from surrounding areas.
  • Things to Do – Offers a variety of ways to visit the park including outdoor recreation and educational opportunities.
  • Trip Itineraries – Organizes trip suggestions by available time in the park.
  • Safety – Lists safety concerns for each season and how to reduce your risk while in the park.
  • Accessibility – Lists accessible areas of the park.
  • Nearby Attractions - Looking for other adventures close to the park? Find them here.
  • Trip Planning Guide - This guide will give you some key tips, links, and tools to help you "Plan like a Ranger" for your national park adventure!
  • Outdoor Emergency Plan - Accidents happen. Being prepared for an emergency improves your ability to quickly respond to the situation.

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Last updated: June 27, 2023

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