Thematic Inventories

illustration of sea shell
Martin Lister’s 1687 figure of Chesapecten jeffersonius, the first described fossil from North America, likely collected near Colonial National Historical Park, Virginia.

Ward and Blackwelder (1975, pl. 1).

Servicewide thematic paleontological resource surveys are designed to compile data regarding specific types of paleontological resources which occur in parks throughout the NPS. To request files for downloading and printing, please contact us.

Taxonomic Inventories
  • A Preliminary Inventory of Fossil Fish From National Park Service Units. R. K. Hunt, V.L. Santucci, and J.P. Kenworthy. 2006. [365 KB PDF]
  • Inventory of Fossil Birds from National Park Service (in progress)
  • Inventory of Fossil Bison from National Park Service (in progress)
  • National Park Service Fossil Holotypes (in progress)
  • National Park Service Paleobotanical Resources (in progress)
Trace Fossil Inventories
  • An Inventory of Cenozoic Fossil Vertebrate Tracks and Burrows in National Park Service Areas. V.L. Santucci, J.S. Tweet, D. Bustos, T. Nyborg, and A.P. Hunt. 2014. [12.4MB PDF]
  • Vertebrate Coprolites and Other Bromalites in National Park Service Areas. A.P. Hunt, V.L. Santucci, J.S. Tweet, and S.G. Lucas. 2012. [4.5MB PDF]
  • An Inventory of Packrat (Neotoma spp.) Middens in National Park Service Areas. J. S. Tweet, V.L. Santucci, and A.P. Hunt. 2012. [1.3 MB PDF]
Special Environment Inventories
  • A Preliminary Inventory of National Park Service Paleontological Resources in Cultural Resource Contexts, Part 1: General Overview. J.P. Kenworthy and V.L. Santucci. 2006. [4.97 MB PDF]
  • An Inventory of Paleontological Resources Associated with National Park Service Caves. NPS/NRGRD/GRDTR-01/02. V.L. Santucci, J.P. Kenworthy, and R. Kerbo. National Park Service. 2001 [1.2 MB PDF]
  • Fossils from National Park Service Coasts and Shorelines (in progress)

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