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Comprehensive park inventories are designed to identify all known paleontological resources within a single park unit and involve the assembly of a team of specialists from within the NPS and from educational institutions and cooperators. These specialists work together with the park to identify and address all aspects of the paleontological resources within the targeted park, including resource management, museum curation, law enforcement, and interpretation. The goals and objectives of a park-specific paleontological resource inventory are detailed by Santucci (2000). An important component of many comprehensive paleontological inventories is to provide paleontology-specific training for park staff.

  • Arches National Park Paleontological Survey. NPS/NRGRD/GRDTR-05/01. B.A. Swanson, V.L. Santucci, S.K. Madsen, A.S. Elder, and J.P. Kenworthy. National Park Service. 2005. [6.9 MB PDF]
  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Paleontological Survey. NPS/NRGRD/GRDTR-04/01. A.L. Koch, V.L. Santucci, and T.R. Weasma. National Park Service. 2004. [1.5 MB PDF]
  • Death Valley National Park Paleontological Survey. NPS/NRGRD/GRDTR-99/01. T.G. Nyborg and V.L. Santucci. National Park Service. 1999. [16.1 MB PDF]
  • A Preliminary Assessment of Paleontological Resources at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming. V.L. Santucci, D. Hays, J. Staebler, and M. Milstein. National Park Service. 1999. [198 KB PDF]
  • The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey. YCR-NR-98-1. V.L. Santucci. National Park Service. 1998. [1.2 MB PDF]
  • An Inventory of Paleontological Resources from Walnut Canyon National Monument, Arizona. V.L. Santucci and V.L. Santucci, Jr. 1998. [135 KB PDF]
  • The Glen Canyon Paleontological Survey (Newcomb and Gillette in progress)
  • The Grand Teton Paleontological Survey (in progress)
  • The Big Bend Paleontological Survey
  • The Joshua Tree Paleontological Survey
  • The Zion Paleontological Survey

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