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Bring our geology and paleontology camp to your home!

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Learn at your own pace through a series of fun and interactive activities at home! This virtual camp is broken up into five separate days or topics related to geology and paleontology. Within each of those days are several activities to be completed that relate to a bigger idea. Through each day, the topics become more specific through a series of lessons and activities that relate to and describe the rocks and fossils at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. There are lesson plans linked at the bottom of the page for each activity for parents and teachers.

Complete the activities in each day of camp from home and at your own pace.
A simplified illustration of Earth showing the Americas.
Day 1

Learn about earth's structure and physical processes along with the concept of plate tectonics.

A chunk of the pink Pikes Peak granite is shown beside an hourglass.
Day 2

Cover geological concepts such as the stratigraphy of the Florissant Formation and learn about the geologic time scale.

Fossil illustration of the dark brown paleovespa wasp in a light brown colored rock.
Day 3

Complete activities that describe the types of fossils found at Florissant Fossil Beds and how they formed by making your own fossils!

Illustration of the ancient lake surrounded by Redwood trees and a volcano in the background.
Day 4

Visualize the past environment here by examining the types of rocks and fossils found in the Florissant area.

Two silhouettes of hands are posed holding up a petrified stump.
Day 5

Enjoy keeping nature natural? Learn about conservation and stewardship to help protect special places!

Last updated: August 16, 2022

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