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Sunflowers in front of a sandstone cliff.
El Morro framed by sunflowers.

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A glimpse into the past

El Morro National Monument weaves a colorful tapestry of the history of New Mexico. Hundreds of petroglyphs bear witness to the lives of ancestral Puebloans. Archaic Spanish inscriptions proclaim "paso por aqui" (I passed by here). Other inscriptions mark the journeys of early American pioneers, western emigrants, soldiers and railroad surveyors.

High above the surrounding valley, the ancestral pueblo of Atsinna stands silent watch. Built around 1275 CE, the pueblo gave rise to a busy, thriving community. Today its remnant rooms and walls provide a glimpse into the past and a tie to the Zuni homeland.

Explore the history at El Morro by hiking along the Inscription Loop or Headland Trail. Stop in the visitor center to learn more about the trails, explore exhibits, or talk to a ranger.


E. Highway 53, Mile 44.6
Ramah, NM

Last updated: December 20, 2023

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