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Recreate Responsibly

If you brought it into the park, take it with you when you leave. Trash pickup and restroom facilities are limited. Follow Leave No Trace principles. If you are not comfortable touching the handles on our trash receptacles, please do not just leave your trash on top of the bins or on the ground. This is a hazard for both other visitors and wildlife. If you can't put trash in receptacles, please take your trash with you!

Know your limits. Many incidents can be avoided when visitors plan and make responsible decisions.


The park is open. Most of the roads in the park are dirt or gravel. After heavy rains, and with high use, these roads can be muddy, have lots of ruts and holes, and are usually washboard-like. Drive with caution.

Campgrounds are open. Permits/Reservations and fees are required for both drive-in and backcountry camping. No first come, first serve camping.

Flush toilets and water fountains and spigots throughout the park usually open by mid-May. Vault toilets at Sand Point Beach and Grand Sable Visitor Center parking lot are open year-round. When toilets are not available, walk 200 feet from roads, trails, and water; dig a 6-8 inch small hole in order to bury human waste and toilet paper, cover hole. Do not bury human waste in snow; please use the vault toilets or pack it out.

Munising Falls Visitor Center and Grand Sable Visitor Center are closed for the year.

In winter, park roads are not plowed except for Sand Point Road. Unplowed roads are designated for snowmobiles only (no other motor vehicles permitted).

Heading Out to a National Park? Make Sure You Pack the 10 Essentials!

Make a plan, follow the 10 Essentials, and if you are sick, stay home.

Whether seeking wide-open spaces or exploring a historic urban neighborhood, remember to #RecreateResponsibly! Do your part on social media! Use #RecreateResponsibly in your posts to show us how you enjoy public lands in a safe and responsible way and can inspire others to practice these principles.

We are also encouraging visitors to
find their virtual park! Explore national parks from the comfort of anywhere in the world through online galleries of photos, videos, webcams, podcasts, and sound recordings.

Last updated: August 10, 2021

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