Florida Sea Islands Paddling Trails

red kayak at low tide shallow waters surround
A kayak on the water at low tide.

NPS Photo

Shrouded by a light fog as an early morning high tide rises over vast salt marshes, a lone kayaker slowly moves with the current on the St. Johns River. Ahead of the kayak an osprey dives into a school of finger mullet and snares one in its talons, barely rippling the water’s mirror-like surface. The only sounds are those of nature; sounds familiar to Timucuan Indians, sounds of birds, of the wind blowing through the marsh grasses, and the water lapping against the shore.

Four rivers and their salt marshes plus several barrier islands create the perfect location in northeast Florida for exceptional coastal saltwater paddling. The trails along the Florida Sea Islands Paddling Trail will give you an opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of estuaries and tidal creeks, observe a vast array of birds and wildlife, learn the history of early cultures and settlement of this region and most importantly, relax and appreciate the interplay of water, light and land. The paddling trails are located in the Timucuan Trail State and National Parks.

Timucuan Trail areas are also listed as part of the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail.

Visit the Jacksonville Intracoastal Salt Marsh Paddling Trail.

Last updated: July 21, 2020

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