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The Timucuan Preserve is a rich park with amazing stories to tell. We are constantly expanding our programs and field trip topics. Currently offered:
  • A Day in the Life of a Timucuan: This program compares and contrasts everyday modern life with the experiences of the Timucua-speaking people. Explore how they used their environment to meet the same needs we have today. This program includes a Timucuan botany talk.
  • Slavery in Spanish Florida: Explore the history of Spanish Florida's plantation system. Learn about cash crops like Sea Island cotton, discover artifacts that help us understand the experiences of enslaved people and take a short video tour of the tabby slave cabins at Kingsley Plantation.
  • Founding a Fort in Florida: Why did the French Huguenots leave their homeland? What did they find in Florida? How did they survive? What became of the colony? These mysteries will be answered in our virtual field trip exploring the story of Florida's Atlantis.
  • Virtual Habitat Hike: Take a virtual hike through the different habitats of Timucuan Preserve. Discover the animals that live there and how people lived on the land, and the ways they changed it.
  • The Arrowhead: An American Icon: Get an introduction to the National Park Service, the job of a Park Ranger, and Timucuan Preserve with an overview of the iconic arrowhead symbol from our signs and uniforms. Break down the history and meanings behind this emblem with a park ranger there to answer all of your questions.
  • Crossing the St. Johns: A consise overview of the park’s ecology and history.
  • The Saltmarsh Superhero: Vast expanses of salt marsh make up 75% of Timucuan Preserve's 46,000 acres. Learn more about some of the plants and animals that inhabit the salt marsh and what makes this ecosystem a superhero.
  • Timucuan Plants: Friends and Foes- This interactive program will highlight common plants found today within Timucuan Preserve and their historic uses by the Timucua People.
Ranger with two visitors during a program.

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Last updated: August 8, 2023

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