Your Safety

Your Safety

We want you to have a safe, enjoyable Visit! Remember that the fortifications were built for soldiers hundreds of years ago, so please watch your step.

We strive to keep the site as accessible as possible for you without destroying its unique historical fabric. However, certain basic precautions should be taken to ensure your safety and the protection of the site.

All minors must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the site. Please keep a close eye on your children as you walk around, they can get lost and easily disoriented in these large structures. Watch your step and your children as you explore the ramparts, stairways, and tunnels of the fortifications of Old San Juan. These ancient, weathered surfaces are rugged and uneven, and frequent passing tropical rain showers can make them wet and slippery. Good sturdy footwear will make your visit safer and more pleasant. The tropical sun is strong and we recommend that you wear a hat during your stay in Old San Juan.

Please do not sit, stand, or climb on any of the historical structures. This includes the walls and the embrasures on the walls. Parts of the fortifications are over 400 years old and have survived hurricanes and bombardments. They can be fragile and may easily give way. Help us protect these walls while protecting yourself!

To prevent falls and injuries, stay away from the edges of the steep walls and off of the cannons, their carriages and cannon ball pyramids.

Watch for low passage ways and uneven, steep and slippery surfaces, Use care on the stairs and ramps. It is highly recommended that you wear comfortable footwear and avoid loose fitting or high-heeled shoes.

If you observe any of this prohibited conduct please report to an Official.


Last updated: April 22, 2015

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