Prized For More Than 13,000 Years

13,000 years ago this site was already well-known by mammoth hunters as a place to get the best stone for their tools. Centuries passed but the colorful flint found right here in the Texas panhandle never lost its value and usefulness. Visit and gain a sense of how integral this site was to the survival, commerce and culture of the High Plains.

A sample of Alibates Flint showing its varied coloration.

Alibates Flint

Alibates Flint was the rock that shaped - and was shaped by - cultures in the Texas Panhandle for 13,000 years.

Students follow a Park Ranger on the Quarries Trail.

Hike With A Ranger

Visit the Alibates Quarries, dug by Native Americans who were in search of the valuable Alibates Flint.

Cacti growing in the garden outside of the Alibates Visitor Center.

Alibates Visitor Center

The Alibates Visitor Center is the starting point for ranger-led hikes and programs, and offers exhibits, gardens and the park movie.

Entrance to the exhibits

Alibates Museum Exhibits

The Alibates Visitor Center has interesting hand-on exhibits to explore.

 Petroglyphs can be found throughout Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument,


These carvings, or petroglyphs (rock paintings are called pictographs), are believed to have been made by the Antelope Creek people.

Programs and Demonstrations

Program Schedule

We offer a variety of ranger-led programs and demonstrations throughout the year.

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