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Check conditions before your visit and monitor conditions during your visit, as conditions can change quickly.

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Congaree National Park lies within the floodplain of the Congaree River. and is subject to periodic flooding which occurs approximately ten times each year. With almost 80% of the park lying within the floodplain, these floods make the backcountry trails and even parts of the boardwalk inaccessible to visitors. Be sure to check out the following links:
Cedar Creek water gauge (flood stage is ~8 feet)
Congaree River water gauge (@ Park's West Boundary) (flood stage is ~15 feet)
Congaree River water gauge (@ US Highway 601 Bridge on east side of park)
Congaree River Forecast

Although hunting is not allowed in Congaree National Park, hunting activities occur on adjacent lands. Visitors should not cross out of the park onto private lands. Doing so could put you at risk and you may be subject to citation for trespassing.


Plan Like a Park Ranger

  • Always bring water. If you are bringing a pet with you, be sure to bring water for them as well.
  • Consider the forecast and conditions. Is it flooded? Check out the links above and feel free to call the visitor center for up-to-date information.
  • From mid-spring until mid-fall, you will encounter mosquitoes in the park. Consider bringing insect repellent along. After hiking more vegetated trails, be sure to check yourself and pets for ticks.
  • Always bring a map. Trail guides are available at the Harry Hampton Visitor Center. You can find a map of the park on the NPS app.
  • Planning to do a longer hike, paddle, or backcountry camping trip? Read through The Ten Essentials, and be sure to bring them with you!
Photo and illustration of BARK Ranger Mascot, Nova
Congaree's B.A.R.K. Ranger mascot, Nova!

Photo: NPS/C. Aznive
Illustration: NPS/K. Sinclair

Learn the B.A.R.K. Ranger Principles Before Your Visit

Bag your pet's waste

Help keep trails and waterways clean by collecting and disposing of all dog waste

Always leash your pet

Leashes protect dogs from becoming lost, and from wilderness hazards

Respect wildlife

Keep a respectful distance from all wildlife

Know where you can go

Pets are welcome on all of Congaree's trails, please be courteous of others

Learn more about National Park Service B.A.R.K. Rangers

Last updated: January 31, 2023

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