A forested campsite with a metal fire ring, picnic table, and bear proof box.
Most individual and group camp sites on the Apostles include a fire ring, picnic table, metal bear resistant food locker, and nearby privy.

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Plan Ahead

Camping is available on 18 of the Lakeshore's 21 islands, and at one campsite on the mainland. The mainland campsite is only accessible by kayak or a 6-mile hike on the Lakeshore Trail from Meyers Beach. There is NO drive up car, tent, or RV camping available in the Apostle Islands. There are a variety of these camping options available in the local area. The islands are only accessible by sea kayak, motor boat, sail boat, shuttle service, or water taxi. Be sure to make your arrangements ahead of time to visit the islands. Reservations are required for all camping, and camping fees do apply.

Types of Campsites In The Apostle Islands:

Campsite access and amenities throughout the Apostle Island National Lakeshore vary from island to island.

Individual Campsites: $15/site/night. Group size of 1-7 people.
Individual sites are spread across the islands and are often set apart from other sites so visitors can experience solitude and basic camping amenities (picnic table, fire ring, bear resistant food locker, & nearby privy).

  • Reservations can be made 30 days in advance from the start of your trip.

Primitive Camping Zones: $15/site/night. Group size of 1-5 people.
Primitive Zone camping is not a specific site, but provides the option of choosing a backcountry area to camp. Specific guidelines determine what areas are available on each island. In addition, there are no amenities, such as privies and food lockers, so campers should be prepared to properly manage your food and waste. Please practice Leave No Trace Principles when camping in Primitive Zones. Consult the Primitive Zone camping map for potential landing sites and available areas.

  • Reservations can be made 30 days in advance from the start of your trip.

The following areas are closed to primitive zone camping:

  • Areas excluded from primitive camping zones and closed to camping to protect sensitive natural and cultural resources.
  • Area posted as closed to protect bird nesting areas and threatened or endangered species.
  • Areas in view of any designated trail.
  • Areas within 1/4 mile of any building, historic structure, individual or group campsite, or another camping party, including other primitive zone campers.
  • Areas within 100 feet of a flowing stream.
  • Private land or lease holdings.

Group Campsites: $30/site/night. Group size of 8-21 people.
A party of eight to twenty-one people is considered a group. All groups must use designated group campsites. There are 9 group sites available on 5 islands (Sand, Oak, Basswood, Stockton, & Rocky). Group sites provide more space for the larger group size and basic camping amenities (picnic table, fire ring, bear resistant food locker, & nearby privy). Every March, the park conducts a group camping lottery. After the lottery is concluded, all remaining campsites and dates are available for reservation.

Accessibility: Individual site #1 on Stockton Island at Presque Isle and site #3 on Sand Island are Accessible. Groups sites A & B on Stockton at Quarry Bay and group site C on Sand Island are Accessible. All have boardwalks leading from the docks to the campsites and vault toilets, as well as raised wooden decks for tent pads which connect with the boardwalk. Picnic tables and fire rings are all designed to be Accessible. If you need these sites, please request them when making a permit reservation.

An orange tent set up in a forest camp site.
Camping on Stockton Island.

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View Campsites

Campsite Directory - View campsites with descriptions for each island, access, and amenities.

Primitive Camping Zone Information & Maps

Build Your Itinerary

How to make a reservation online.

To make camping reservations and obtain a camping permit go to or call the Bayfield headquarters to speak to a Park Ranger at 715-779-3398, select option 2. Please note that you can only book an itinerary within a 30 day window of when you want to start your trip. This does not include group camping.

A shaded picnic table in the sand looking out at a lake with an anchored sailboat.
Looking out at Lake Superior from Stockton Island.

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Some visitors choose to visit the islands and sleep in their personal self-contained vessel. If you are traveling out to the islands with your own boat there are a few things you should know before you visit. Public docks are found on 12 of the islands in the national lakeshore. Space is reserved at some docks for National Park Service (NPS) vessels and excursion boats. The remaining space is available to the public on a first come, first served basis. Overnight docking fees are in effect from 6pm to 6am.

Overnight docking fees: $15 for boats less than 40 feet in length/night
Overnight docking fees: $30 for boats 40 feet and greater in length/night.


The Apostle Islands’ protected bays, public docks, and pristine beaches offer outstanding boating opportunities. Many visitors choose to anchor out in bays overnight. There are no fixed anchorages within the park. There is no cost for overnight anchoring within the park. Weather conditions can change rapidly on Lake Superior, so it is important to regularly check the area marine forecasts.


Beaches, sand spits, and campsites are some of the park's most popular attractions. Please follow island ethics of Leave No Trace to protect the outdoors and keep the park pristine for future generations. Remember that you are in bear country. Check out the Bear Country Safety page for more information about bears and how to help prevent them from being attracted to campsites. Keep in mind that camping in the Apostle Islands is remote. Be prepared and plan ahead. Camp safety is your responsibility. Always be aware of your surroundings and up to date on current weather conditions in the park.


Local Area Camping

Camping on the Apostle Islands can be a unique and memorable experience, unfortunately, there is no drive up car or RV camping available in the Apostle Islands. However, our gateway communities provide many options for more traditional drive up car, tent, and RV camping.


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