part of a stone building with a brown wood overhang, a block in the corner of the wall is dated 1938
The elevator building was finished in 1938 by the CCC and is part of the Historic District.

NPS Photo / Abby Rimstidt

Wind Cave National Park was established on January 9, 1903, making it one of the nation's oldest national parks. Wind Cave National Park is also the first national park in the world to protect a cave.

People have lived in the area long before the park was established, and these significant places, both above and below ground are protected as part of the national park. Learn more about the places in Wind Cave and the history behind them.

  • several old wood buildings in a green grassy valley next to a small stream with a few trees
    Sanson Ranch

    Learn about the historic Sanson Homestead, part of Wind Cave's newest land addition.

  • a large yellow building with brown trim and a brown roof with a park sign and flag in front of it
    Historic District

    Many structures in the park are historically significant and recognized as fine examples of National Park Service architecture.

  • a man in caving gear crouching in a low cave passage next to a shallow clear pool of water
    Wind Cave Room Names

    The names of rooms in Wind Cave were given by the cave explorers who surveyed these places.

Last updated: December 5, 2023

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