The River, the Valley, and You

Paddlers slip down the river between low forested mountains; anglers wade the trout streams; hikers scan the valley from the ridge or peer into the 1000-foot-deep Water Gap. The valley has known human hand and voice for 10,000 years. Floodplains nourished the Native farmer; waterfalls drew the Victorian vacationer. Today, a 70,000-acre park welcomes those who seek the outdoors close to home. Read More

View of Mount Minsi on the Appalachian Trail

Hiking The Appalachian Trail

Trek 28 miles of the Appalachian Trail along the "endless mountain - the Kittatinny Ridge

Blacksmith at work at the furnace

Discover History

Historic roads and structures provide insights into a previous way of life

The Delaware Water Gap from the river looking up at Mount Minsi and Mount Tammany

Mountains in Progress

The Delaware Water Gap is still forming today, a testament to the power of flowing water.

Last updated: January 7, 2020

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