Current River Conditions

Picture of the Delaware River with blooming trees and the sun rising in the background
The Delaware river under a cloudy sunrise, with blooming trees lining both banks. Would it surprise you to learn that the drinking water for millions of people comes from this river?


Delaware River Conditions

Follow the links below for detailed information about water speed, gage height, temperature, and more.

  • Gage Height at Montague, New Jersey (North end of park; Milford, PA / Montague, NJ)
  • Gage Height at Tocks Island (South end of park; Delaware Water Gap PA)

Water Flow Data

The Delaware River provides water to over 17 million people. Want to know more about where your water comes from?

Here are some links to learn about water flow statewide: Pennsylvania | New Jersey

IMPORTANT: Remember that gage height and water depth are not the same. The water depth in the Delaware River varies wildly and unexpectedly. There are sharp drop offs and swift currents hidden just below the seemingly calm surface of the water. Gage height refers to a measurement at a specific location, in this case Montague, NJ. The gage will not give an accurate measurement of the river depth in any other areas. It does, however, give some insight into what the downriver conditions may look like to make a river trip more predictable. Here are a few to values to keep in mind when viewing the graphs below. Click on the graphs to be directed to the appropriate USGS webpage.

River height at USGS Montague, NJ gauge

Gage Height(ft.) Signal
Under 6 Some sections(typically around islands) become shallow and difficult to pass, especially in a motorized craft.
6-7.9 Average height, you can expect to float at an average speed of 2-3 miles per hour in between rapids.
8-14.9 Life Jacket wear becomes mandatory, current becomes swift and there is less time to react to obstacles in the water. Swimming is not permitted.
Over 12 Bushkill Access is closed. Life jacket wear is mandatory and swimming is not permitted.
Over 15 The Delaware River is closed to public use within the park.
25 Flood Stage. The Delaware river remains closed to public use within the park.

Water temperature at USGS Montague, NJ gauge

Temperature (°F) Precautions
Under 40 Hypothermia in under 15 minutes. Wear insulated clothing and a drysuit.
40-50 Hypothermia within 30-60 minutes. Wear insulated clothing and a drysuit.
50-60 Hypothermia within 1- 2 hours. Wear insulated clothing and a drysuit
60-70 Hypothermia within 2 hours. Wear a wetsuit with a dry top.
70-80 Hypothermia within 7 hours. Wetsuit recommended for long durations
80+ Low risk for hypothermia.

Additional River Resources

Upper Delaware River

National Weather Service Conditions for Upper Delaware Basin,
(Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River PA/NY,
Port Jervis NY, and Montague NJ)
National Weather Service information for Upper Delaware Basin
(Montague and upstream)

Middle Delaware River (within park)

Information for Tocks Island River Depth Gauge
(Montague downstream to PA boundary)

Lower Delaware River (including Lehigh River)

  • National Weather Service Conditions for Lower Delaware Basin
    • South end of Middle Delaware River, and north end of the Lower Delaware River: Shoemakers, Minisink Hills, Belvidere, PA, Bethlehem, and Easton PA and Lehigh River PA
  • National Weather Service Map of Middle and Lower Delaware Basin
    • Montague downstream to PA boundary


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