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Winter Services and Operations

Visitor services and maintenance operations are reduced during the winter months when staffing levels and visitation are at their lowest. This includes the closure of some roads and visitor use sites. Roads that are closed to vehicles are open to hiking and cross country skiing. Pets are permitted on closed roads. Following winter storms, roads may be closed temporarily until they can be cleared of snow.

Visitor Information:

Visitor Centers will remain closed during the winter season. Visitor Information is available by phone, Facebook Messenger, or email Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, through April 15, except federal holidays. Please call (570) 426-2452, message the park via Facebook at, or email the park at


In New Jersey, the top priority roads that will remain open during the winter months are Route 602 (from Millbrook Village to the NPS boundary), NPS Route 615, Old Mine Road (between Flatbrookville and Pompey Ridge Road), Pompey Ridge Road to Route 615, Old Mine Road between Millbrook and Flatbrookville. The section of Old Mine Road between the Worthington State Forest boundary and Millbrook Village and the dirt section of Old Mine Road near Van Campen Inn will be closed between January 2 and April 15. Additionally, Blue Mountain Lakes Road will remain open to the parking area for the Blue Mountain Lakes trail and will be closed to vehicles beyond that point for the season. Mountain Road, which is currently closed to vehicles will remain closed during this period, but visitors may walk, snowshoe, or cross-country ski on the road.

In Pennsylvania, US Route 209 is the top priority road for winter maintenance and treatment. River Road in PA will be closed prior to snow and/or ice events and will not be re-opened until priority routes are clear and safe and conditions permit. Zion Church Road will be plowed after River Road has been opened.

River Access:

Winter river access will be available at Smithfield Beach, Milford Beach, and Bushkill Access. These areas will be closed temporarily during a storm and re-opened after priority routes are clear and safe for travel. River ice may limit access depending on conditions. The NPS does not clear river ice from launch areas. Eshback Access will remain open but will receive no winter maintenance.

Trail Access:

All trails that are currently open will remain open during the winter, but trailhead parking will be dependent on conditions and may be limited in some areas. Road closures may also affect access to some trails. Trailhead parking areas that will remain open during the winter months will not be cleared of ice and snow until after all priority routes are clear and safe for travel. Access to the McDade Recreational Trail will be available at Smithfield Beach, Park Headquarters, Bushkill Access, and Milford Beach. The parking lot and access road to Dingmans Falls will remain closed to vehicles from January 2 to April 15 but the trail will remain open and visitors may walk, ski, or snowshoe to the falls. The upper parking lot for Raymondskill Falls will be closed from the first snowfall until April 15 but the lower parking lot will remain open, as conditions permit.


Restrooms are available at Kittatinny Point Picnic Area and Millbrook Village in NJ and at Smithfield Beach, Bushkill Meeting Center, Bushkill Access, and Milford Beach in PA. All facilities with running water will be closed for the winter including restrooms and outdoor spigots.

Seasonal Raptor Closures (Eagles & Peregrine Falcons)

Bald Eagle Closures (December 15 - Mid-July)

To prevent the possibility of disrupting nesting bald eagles, maximize the chances for successful breeding of young eaglets, and comply with the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the following areas will have trail closures from December 15th through mid-July.

  • McDade Trail: Trail is closed between Pittman Orchard trailhead and Conashaugh Trailhead. Other sections of the McDade trail remain open.
  • Sawkill Creek: The section of trail on the west side of Sawkill Creek is closed. To access Milford Knob from Sawkill Creek, please use the new alternative route that branches to the south.

Peregrine Falcon Closures (February - Early August)

To prevent disturbing Peregrine Falcon nests, the following areas are closed to recreation and other activities:

  • The Milford Cliffs are closed to climbing and hiking on social trails. The closure does not affect the designated Cliff Trail. The closed cliff areas are clearly marked with signs and barricades at trailheads or trail junctions.
  • The cliffs at Mount Minsi from Point of Gap parking lot to Arrow Island parking lot and from the west shoulder of Route 611 to the top of the ridge are closed to rock climbing and hiking. This closure does not affect designated hiking trails (as shown on the park website) nor the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.
  • McDade Trail between Conashaugh trailhead and Pittman Orchard trailhead. Other sections of the McDade trail remain open.

Temporary Closures Due to COVID

Following guidance from the CDC and recommendations from state and local public health in consultation with NPS Public Health Service officers, the following public facilities within Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area are temporarily closed:

  • Bushkill Meeting/Visitor Center

  • Dingmans Fall Visitor Center
  • Hialeah Picnic Area
  • Valley View (PA) and Rivers Bend (NJ) Group Camgrounds
  • All volunteer-operated buildings including the Foster-Armstrong House, the Nelden-Roberts Stonehouse, Montague Grange, Van Campen Inn, and those at Millbrook and Walpack Center
  • Restrooms and public buildings at Peters Valley School of Craft are closed until further notice. Trails and grounds remain open.
  • Services are limited at Pocono Environmental Education Center and Mohican Outdoor Center. Trails and grounds remain open.
  • Dingmans Falls Road (PA)
  • Mountain Road (NJ)
  • Some public restrooms at sites around the park remain closed

Area Closures

The following areas are closed to all public entry until further notice due to a number of conditions such as trail damage, seasonal nesting, ongoing habitat restoration, and construction projects :

  • Watergate Recreation Area (NJ)
  • Conashaugh View Horse Trail (PA)
  • George W. Childs Park Trail (PA)

Pay attention to road and trail closure signage, and visit for the latest updates. Note: a Facebook account is not necessary to view posts on Facebook.

Infographic with guidelines on safe recreation

Limited Services Available: Visit Responsibly

Most park trails and boat launches are open, but some bathrooms are closed and services are limited. Law enforcement is on duty. All park regulations apply.

  • Avoid crowded trailheads
    If the parking lot is full, find a different trail.
  • Park only in designated areas
    Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and towed.
  • Maintain social distance
    Even when outside, stay at least 6 feet from other people.
  • Pack out your trash
    Please help us keep you, wildlife, and employees safe.
  • Hike Safely
    Protect search and rescue personnel. Stay out of closed areas, mark the location of your car, and know your limits.

Last updated: March 11, 2021

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