Commercial Use Authorizations

A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is a permit provided by Death Valley National Park’s Office of Special Park Uses for suitable commercial services for park visitors within the boundaries of the park. A suitable commercial service must meet three conditions: the services (a) will have minimal impact on the park area’s resources and values; (b) are consistent with the purposes for which the park area was established; and (c) are consistent with all applicable park area management plans, policies, and regulations.


Approved Activity Categories of CUAs

Activity CUAs are issued for one year, beginning January 1 and expiring December 31.  


Approved Road Based Categories of CUAs

Road Based CUAs are issued for one year, beginning March 1 and expiring February 28.

Areas approved for Road Based CUAs to go: 

  1. Paved roads and parking lots. Please note: vehicles over 25 feet long are not permitted on Artists Drive and the road to Dantes View.  
  2. The following frontcountry unpaved roads: Devils Golf Course, Natural Bridge, Salt Creek, and Mosaic Canyon.  Please note: these unpaved roads may not be suitable for all vehicles.  


Applying for a CUA

Email the following documents to at least 30 days in advance of your requested dates.

(1) 2024* Commercial Use Authorization Application (NPS Form 10-550).

*For applicants interested in a CUA for the remainder of 2023, please email us.

(2) Certificate of General Liability Insurance. This is required for all CUAs and must be in the amount of $1,000,000 listing the United States of America as additional insured and negotiable in US funds. See Attachment A in application form for additional insurance information.

(3) Certificate of Commercial Auto Liability Insurance. This is only required if a CUA holder transports passengers in a vehicle or uses a vehicle in the performance of the service. See Attachment A in NPS Form 10-550 Commercial use Authorization Application for additional insurance information including amount required.

If you are applying for an activity CUA, see additional requirements below.



Annual Report

NPS Form 10-660 CUA Annual Report

All CUA holders are required to submit the above Annual Report which is due when all trips have been completed but no later than January 31 of the following year. Gross receipts must be reported accurately.

Failure to submit a complete and accurate annual report by the above date will result in suspension of your CUA or compromise your ability to obtain a new CUA.

In 2025, Market Rate Management Fees will apply. For more information email us at It may be helpful to use the Market Rate Management Fee Calculator.

Monthly Report

NPS Form 10-660A CUA Monthly Report

Form for CUAs where monthly reporting is a condition of your Authorization.

Other Resources

  • Visitor Acknowledgement of Risk: CUA holders may modify this template for use with their clients. Use of an acknowledgement of risk is optional for CUA holders.

Last updated: February 5, 2024

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