Backcountry Conditions

This page offers current backcountry conditions and is updated frequently. It is always good practice to check this page regularly leading up to your trip’s start date.

The map offers a quick snapshot of current trail status. Below the map are more detailed information regading the condition of the trail, further descriptions of trail closures,warnings, and known hazards. Please make sure to review both the backcountry conditions map, and the Area Conditions Detail Section of this page

Conditions reports offer specific details about a given trail on a given date. However, Yellowstone's backcountry is vast and some trail status reports may not be updated for several weeks, or even months for lesser used trails. For this reason, Backcountry Conditions reports only offer a snapshot of trail conditions and should be used in conjunction with other tools such as weather reports, prior backpacking experience in Yellowstone, and assessment of your own backpacking skill level.

A legend for the backcountry situation report map above.
*This map doesn't reflect current campsite availability. Backcountry permits are required to camp in all backcountry campsites.
**Trail status for stock use (horse & llama) will not be depicted on this map until trails open for stock use on July 1.

  General Information

Expect trees down along the trails due to recent wind event. (6/17/24)


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Area Condition Details

Trails are listed by region as shown on the map below. Scroll down or select a region name to view backcountry conditions for the area: 
Northwest               Northeast               Central               Southwest               Southeast

Map of backcountry condition report areas


  • No off trail travel within the Gallatin Bear Management Area
  • A minimum group size of four people is recommended for hiking and camping withing the Gallatin Bear Management Area.
  • Mountain passess and higher elevation trails (above 8500 feet) have areas with deep snow. Travel over the mountain passes is not recommended. Many trails at lower elevations are wet and muddy. (6/19/24)



Ticks are out.(4/29/24)





  • Most rivers are at peak runoff and not crossable (6/10/24)
  • Most of the trails in the Bechler area are wet and/or flooded. Streams are deep and uncrossable. Mosquitoes are out in force. (6/14/24)
  • Boating season is open.
  • Cave Falls Road is open and in good condition with washboarded areas.
  • Grassy Lake Road west of Grassy Lake is open, however there are some areas of snow and the entire route may not be passable. High clearance, 4WD vehicles recommended. (6/12/24)
  • The Grassy Lake Road is snow free. Road conditions still rough. Recommended vehicles have high clearance. Link to road conditions at Grand Teton National Park: GRTE Park Roads. (6/22/24)



  • Boating season is open.
  • Many trails in the region still may have snow, especially those at higher elevations.


Submit Trail Conditions

Have you hiked the trails lately and want to submit trail conditions? Please email the Central Backcountry Office with the trails and date you hiked the trails and as much details as you can provide.


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Last updated: June 22, 2024

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