Trees and Shrubs of Whiskeytown

Conifer forest with some low growing shrubs
Mixed Conifer Forest. NPS Photo
Whiskeytown is home to a variety of tree species that can be found at different elevations in the park. Low elevation forests are generally dominated by oak species and knobcone and grey pines. In the park's middle to high elevation forests, Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, and sugar pine become more common. White and red firs are often encountered in the park's highest elevation forests.

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large whiteleaf manzanita
Whiteleaf manzanita (Arctostaphylos viscida). NPS Photo.
Shrubs are a dominant feature around Whiskeytown Lake. Visitors to the park are certain to encounter manzanita, toyon, and poison oak in the low elevation chaparral. Other shrubs such as ceanothus, yerba santa, and redbud are also commonly found blooming along the roads in the park.

Whiskeytown's high elevation shrublands (or montane chaparral) contain a wide variety of shrubs that may be less familiar to visitors. These areas boast greenleaf and pinemat manzanita, huckleberry oak, and bush chinquapin.

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Last updated: February 6, 2024

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