O Radiant Dark! O Starry Night!

Starry night skies are components of the special places the National Park Service protects. Our national parks hold some of the last remaining harbors of darkness and provide opportunities for the public to experience this critical resource. Animals rely on natural cycles of light and dark for navigation, protection, mating and predation. Natural lightscapes are integral to many cultures. Light pollution disrupts these relationships. NPS helps preserve night viewsheds for future generations.

A star-filled night sky arches over a campground tent at Joshua Tree National Park.

Camping Under the Stars

What better way to experience the great outdoors than camping in a national park under a star-filled sky?

A light shines on a mountain lion at night in Big Cypress National Preserve.

Animals Need the Dark

Naturally dark night skies have a big role to play in supporting wildlife and park ecosystems.

Wisps of escaping light from the sun's corona rim a darkened moon during a total sol

Experience the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Prepare your front row seat for the solar eclipse—among the most spectacular of celestial events.