Protect Your Public Lands

Our understanding of invasive species, the threats they pose, and how we should address those threats changes as we learn more. Invasive species are a complex challenge in the National Park Service, but the good news is that you can help prevent their impacts by making a few simple choices, whether in national parks or in your community.

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Invasive plants and animals can disrupt ecosystems even in highly protected National Parks. Learn how parks are taking action with help from Inventory & Monitoring as the first alert to new pests and with Exotic Plant Management Teams that tackle invasive species treatment and removal.

Artwork featuring invasive species

What are Invasive Species?

Native species, non-native species, invasive species, pests... Find out what’s the difference.

Man sprays down his water craft with high powered water


Just a few steps can prevent the spread of invasive species.

Park staff spearing an invasive lion fish

Invasive aquatic species

Aquatic species are plants and animals that survive in the water.

A man spraying down invasive plants

Invasive species success stories

With the hard work of park staff and your help, success is possible!

Last updated: February 28, 2022