Road-based Commercial Tour CUAs

Tour buses parked along a park road
Tour buses parked in a line along a National Park Service road

National Park Service

The National Park Service (NPS) has withdrawn plans to implement a standard, nationwide CUA requirement for road-based commercial tours and will not increase commercial tour entrance fees.

The parks that have historically issued road-based commercial tour CUAs may continue to do so and will charge current CUA fees. A list of those parks is available here. As usual, road-based commercial tour operators need to check with each park individually for specific CUA requirements and fees as well as any park-specific operating requirements. Road-based commercial tour CUA holders will apply for CUAs, pay CUA fees, and submit required CUA reports through the online CUA system starting for the 2025 CUA season.

Parks that have not historically issued road-based commercial tour CUAs will not issue that type of CUA for the 2025 CUA season, but may determine there is a need to issue starting for the 2026 CUA season. The application and reporting process will occur via the online CUA system.

The NPS is soliciting public comment through August 10, 2024, on it's plan to move the CUA application and reporting for all road-based commercial tour CUAs to the online system. Please visit to learn more and provide feedback.

Last updated: July 8, 2024