Required CUA Reports

Visitors riding horses across a meadow
Guided horseback ride in Grand Teton National Park

National Park Service

You are required to complete the annual CUA report (NPS Form 10-660)(.pdf, 644KB). The requirement is outlined in your CUA conditions. The annual report includes questions about visitor use statistics, reportable injury data, and gross receipts earned from operations in the NPS. Your annual CUA report is due early in the calendar year for the preceding operating year (e.g., report for 2018 will be due in early 2019). Additionally, some parks require you to submit a monthly CUA report (NPS Form 10-660A)(.pdf, 584KB) that includes questions only about visitation statistics and reportable injury data.

The annual and monthly CUA reports are Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved information collections. All parks use the OMB approved annual and monthly reporting forms, but are able to add information requests specific to that park (e.g., how many times did you access a specific lake). Reporting forms and associated information, including deadlines, are available on each park website or by contacting the park CUA office.

Failure to submit required reports or misrepresentation of reported statistics or earning will result in denial of your next CUA application.

New Online Application and Reporting System

NPS is excited to announce the online CUA system. The system is designed to standardize, modernize, and streamline the CUA application and reporting process. The system allows potential CUA applicants and CUA holders to view available CUA opportunities, apply for CUAs, submit required CUA reports, and pay CUA fees. This online system will NOT affect road-based commercial tour operators. The NPS plans to build out the online system for road-based commercial tour operator use in the future.

Last updated: March 19, 2024