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  • Top view of Morse Carbine with the action open.
    Arms of the Confederacy

    With Civil War beginning in April 1861, the South found itself unprepared for a long conflict.

  • Top View of trap door rifle with action open.
    The "Trap Door" Rifle

    At the end of the Civil War the US Government had on hand over one million single-shot, muzzle-loading .58” caliber rifle muskets.

  • Top view of heel stamp from T20 rifle.
    Post WWII Rifle Development

    Wartime experience with the M1 Rifle showed the need for a lighter rifle with a larger magazine capacity and "selective" fire capability.

  • View of double rack of 1861 rifle-muskets.
    The Organ of Muskets

    Today the double musket rack proudly stands as a showpiece display at Springfield Armory as it has since the museum opened in 1871.

  • a man looks through a barrel straightening machine
    The National Match M1 Rifle

    The M1 rifle was first used in competition shooting in the Marine Corps Pacific Division Match held at Pearl Harbor on February 26-27, 1946.

Last updated: March 30, 2023

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