By working with our partners and facilitating the work of professionals in parks, regions and offices across the National Park Service (NPS), the NPS Federal Lands Transportation Program (FTLP) is the caretaker of a vast transportation system that touches every national park and every visitor. 

NPS transportation systems support the National Park Service mission by preserving and protecting resources while proviiding safe and enjoyable access within the National Park system while using sustainable, appropriate, integrated transportation systems and services. In addition, these systems provides travel routes for thousands of daily commuters, business travelers, park vendors and the general public. 

Maintaining and operating the NPS transportation infrastructure is a federal responsibility.  It represents an enormous financial value; our system of paved roads and bridges alone represents a federal investment of more than $30 billion. The FLTP protects this investment by developing and implementing management systems, partnerships and strategic planning practices.

Making legacy investments
NPS Transportation Priorities

A once-in-a-generation investment to repair the Arlington Memorial Bridge -- the largest NPS construction project to date.

The structurally deficient Arlington Memorial Bridge is getting rehabilitated.
Success Stories and Accomplishments

Arlington Memorial Bridge is a vital link for commuters and visitors from Virginia to Washington, DC.

Federal Lands Transportation Program Professionals at Mammoth Cave
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Last updated: September 9, 2022